b'INGEAR ISSUE 7WEVE GOT THE LEYLAND PDCPOWER FORCONTINUOUSSUPPORTING IMPROVEMENTS!THE DAF DEALER PROBLEMNETWORKOur order picker truck batteries often wouldnt last 24 / 7 for a full shift which meant more battery changes and downtime than necessary. SOLUTIONWe formed a project teamof order picker operators with a range of expertiseand experience who The UK DAF dealer networkdeveloped a solution that has a reputation for providingremoved the need for batteries to be changed unrivalled customer service. multiple times during shifts, resulting in more customer The dealer support for fleetsinventory and utilises theorder picking time.across the UK and Irelandlatest principles of velocity SHANE includes a swift and reliableand volume-based storageThis included an audible parts delivery to customerto speed parts from shelf to CHRISTIE workshops undertaking servicecustomer.and visual system that PDC and repairs to trucks, trailersThe PDC also providesanalyses and recommends MANAGER and light commercial vehicles. a 24-7 customer servicethe battery with the most Maintaining this level ofcentre, handling over 5,000charge and longevity to take customer support reliescalls a month using a state- for their truck. The operator heavily on the daily Leylandof-the-art call handlingsimply glances at a screen Shane has worked for PACCAR for 14 years,PDC deliveries to each dealersystem ensuring all dealerto see which is the optimum location. As well as providingenquiries are answeredbattery to useand a becoming Assistant Manager of the Leylandan emergency, 24/7 VORquickly and efficiently by our PDC in July 2020, moving up to PDC Managerparts service, the PDC alsohighly trained customer andwarning sound is given if in October 2021. ensures that all urgent orderstechnical service team. they take the wrong one!received by 6pm are withThe Leyland PDC alsoRESULTShanes background in the commercial vehicle industrythe dealer before 8am thehandles national delivery has provided him with in-depth knowledge of whatfollowing morning.of TRP parts, PACCARsThis not only increased it takes to provide industry-leading support to DAFPACCAR PARTS Leylandall makes and trailer partsefficiency, but also raised customers. Alongside DAF Truck parts this also includesdistribution centre operatesrange, which has developedteam morale, as the system using state-of-the-artcontinuously over the pastwas seen as a real benefit by managing the extensive and growing range of TRP Alldistribution processes and the25 years. The range nowthe operators.Makes Truck and Trailer Parts, which more latterlymost advanced computerisedencompasses over 90,000includes parts for light commercial vehicles too. parts management systems.part numbers offering both With a technical and engineering background beforeUsing real-time technologyoriginal equipment and joining PACCAR PARTS, Shane has significant experienceand a concept calledapproved alternative products in operations as well as supply chain & logisticswarehouse within a warehousefor all makes trucks, trailers a challenging area of business over the last few years - a combination of wide andand light commercial vehicles, due to the pandemic causing global supply chain issues. narrow aislesthe fastestprocessing over 7,000 orders moving items are strategicallyevery day.Nevertheless, this has not prevented Shane and the located nearer to dispatch,As part of PACCAR PARTS PDC team from providing an outstanding businessalong with a mezzanine areaworldwide operations, the as usual service. Indeed, through a programme offor smaller parts, to ensureLeyland PDC both receives continuous development, Leyland PDC has achieved that orders are processedand despatches parts to record performances in Safety, Quality, Delivery and Costsefficiently and on time.and from other PDCs across during 2021all increasing efficiency and productivity. The 180,000 square footEurope and further afield to parts distribution centre hasensure that our customer With record sales in 2021, the Leyland PDC is one ofthe capacity to maintainservice and stock availabilityPACCARs busiest across the world. up to 65,000 parts in itsis industry leading at all times.4 NEW MAX VOUCHER MAX VOUCHER MAX VOUCHER ASK US FORDAF Genuine DAF Genuine DAF GenuineExhaust Silencers Filter Kits Clutch Kit StdM ONEY-SAVING 101040 DETAILSVOUCHERS PORTAL TO CHECKDISCOUNT DISCOUNT DISCOUNT OR VISIT THE MAX 87320105 87320106 87320107YOUR ACCOUNTEvery effort has been made to ensure correct parts and application details are shown throughout this mailer. However, as parts are constantly updated and subject to change please check with your dealer at point of purchase. Parts offered subject to availability. Some applications are covered by multiple part numbers. Please check with your dealer if you require a quote for an alternative part. Images are for illustration purposes only.'